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The cemetery was so cool! I know where I want One Piece Friends shirt. And you can be buried on the Muslim side. The locals on the island were also especially friendly and welcoming to us strangers! I am a Jew who married a Christian. We have a Buddhist in our family One piece Friends. The world is an amazing place when you see people as people, and not just by one thing about them. This is probably my favorite video. It honestly makes me so happy to see this because my country. Many people can’t get along at all and it’s so sad. Your truly an amazing person. You yourself, Bring people and cultures together.

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In a very thought provoking way. Love the attitude. Love One Piece Friends shirt. Your one lethal human being man. Right on. Looks like a terrible place to grow up. Do they have electricity, gas, plumbing, sanitary toilets, sewers, the Internet, telephone lines, a modern medical clinic, post office, bank. This is so great! You should visit this place. I wonder how hard it is to get to. How do they make houses out of seashells? Can you give more details? A place where Christians celebrate Christmas. In these countries it’s hard to tell if someone is Muslim or Christian even though Muslims are the majority. In fact in 2015 when the former dictator of Gambia wanted to bring in sharia laws and turn it into an Islamic state. The beauty of One piece Friends shirt.

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