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The Golden Ghouls shirt

  • I just couldn’t hold back those tears mam. I love The Golden Ghouls shirt. Thanks for letting realize it not too late for me to pursue my dreams. God bless you. I love you Mam.  What a woman this is what I love about the west. People never retire till they die. They make each moment count. Miss you mama cause just like this lady you too deserved a golden buzzer. This actually made my heart feel warm and a tear down my face great job love that song first time I have heard it. After seeing her performance I couldn’t stop of being crying. She sang so beautifully in this age it touch my heart. Her voice is so peaceful.

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    Her singing makes you forget The Golden Ghouls shirt, your boss frustrating attitude. The monetary problem causing you not to take the vacation you need or buy the things you so admire. The fact you have to go to work on Monday. She is so wonderful! Reminds me of my mother and we have always had singers and musicians in my home! My mother still sings beautifully. My tears are falling while listening to her voice, she is amazing, reminds me of my Mom and Dad they always love to sing. She reminds me of my late grandmother. I’m shading tears as soon as she started singing. If my grandmother is still here right now, she will be 76 by this year. I grew up with her.

    The Golden Ghouls shirt
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