Pitbull lady Mom Unbreakable shirt

Pitbull lady Mom Strong shirt

I miss this Pitbull lady Mom Strong shirt. Mom and Pretty Girl adored each other. So beautiful a rehabbed fighting pitbull and a funny 81-year old lady with an unbreakable bond. Amazing. Our sweet, sweet Stella Chimichurri She’s so old I stopped keeping track! This lady is a #warrior, a fighter, a #survivor. Stella has been known for her grumpy attitude and intolerance for anything not me but that’s why we love her so much! We call her “The Dutchess” around these parts.

Pitbull lady Mom Strong shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Pitbull lady Mom Unbreakable V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Pitbull lady Mom Unbreakable Sweater
Pitbull lady Mom Unbreakable Hoodie
Pitbull lady Mom Unbreakable Guys shirt
Guys shirt

Best Pitbull lady Mom Strong shirt

I want this Pitbull lady Mom Strong shirt just for existing in her space and no more stealing food from the blind. All she wants is to be cuddled by her mama so I’m getting as many snuggles in as humanly possible. 7 months ago we were told it was her time. A second opinion concurred and advanced congestive heart failure, liver and pancreatic disease all pointed in that direction… But something told us it was not her time and we were right. Stella took a turn and we’ve had a strong, joyous and pain free life since and we pray it continues to go that way.

Other than that we just love on her and love on her and love on her till she gets sick of it and walks away also in true Stella form Our bond is unbreakable and undeniable and I will honor her, our love and my commitment to always do right by her. She was a first in the Shelter when they deemed her listed. I loved the journey you and Stella have traveled.

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