Preemie Mom Unbreakable shirt

Preemie Mom Unbreakable shirt

I just bought a Preemie Mom Unbreakable shirt. My Mother-In-Law has been battling breast cancer. I bought it to support her & all the other strong woman who are also battling and to the ones who’ve survived it! Representing his mom by wearing pink. His mom pinning a breast cancer pain on him. You’ve raised an awesome young man.

Preemie Mom Unbreakable shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Preemie Mom Guys Unbreakable shirt
Guys shirt
Preemie Mom Unbreakable Hoodie
Preemie Mom Unbreakable Sweater
Preemie Mom Unbreakable V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt

Best Preemie Mom Unbreakable shirt

I need this Preemie Mom Unbreakable shirt. One NICU nurse describes how her experience with her own preemie twins was a sign from God that this job is her calling. I recently wrote this post for Peace of Mom I came across the blog Peace of Mom and I just feel in love with it! Adrienne is a Preemie Mommy herself and her blog focuses on Self Care.  For three weeks our only contact with Wyatt was through a plastic box. When it came time to hold Wyatt, I was so scared. I thought I would drop him. I was so scared of my own son. Is that possible?

Amy Leonard Johnson they are beads for ‘firsts’, surgeries, transfusions, etc beads to tell her story. I want this Preemie Mom Unbreakable shirt. The nurses give them each day to signify what the baby’s day was like. It’s a rough road but micro preemies are the strongest fighters! my daughter will be 2 next month is extremely healthy with very few delays. I will never stop being thankful. It was so hard, but I knew she was in the hands of miracle workers. She is 11 years old and still the tiniest in her class, but also one of the most amazing people I know it.

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