St Patrick’s Day hockey shirt

  • You are an absolute St Patrick’s Day hockey shirt. I usually don’t use that kind of language, but I feel if I am brave enough to share my story to help someone else, and you take it and twist it and make me seem pathetic, I think it’s a poor reflection on you. I do have confidence in myself – enough confidence to show empathy and vulnerability. That’s something apparently you never learned. So I feel sorry for you. Smh. You clearly learned nothing from the video above. That is exactly the point. If you are already in a depressed state, one more cruel word could be the one to “break the camel’s back”. Not everyone has high self-esteem. Not everybody has a healthy mental state.

    St Patrick’s Day hockey shirt, hoodie, sweater and V-neck t-shirt

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    St Patrick’s Day hockey V-neck t-shirt

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    Best St Patrick’s Day hockey shirt

    Like the St Patrick’s Day hockey shirt said, if it is not true, if it is not kind, keep it to yourself. Do not even bother posting. Had a similar experience a few weeks ago when a grown man in a FB group told me to go back to my own country. This really upset me. The thing about children is that they haven’t developed that self-awareness yet. So even most adults are ignorant of the psychological effects of online stalking and abuse. Unpleasant people with a chip on their shoulder will use the security of the internet to cowardly type degrading comments that reflect 100% on them. Making a somebody feel good/positive is always going to be a kinder option than propagating hatred and sorrow. Good luck with your tack.

    St Patrick’s Day hockey shirt
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