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Nacho Average Teacher shirt

  • How can I order some of these or any other teacher appreciation super cute cookies? I need this Nacho Average Teacher shirt. Just send an email with what you are looking for and I can send you a price sheet. We all felt spoiled today with this fabulous lunch and dessert! Thanks to our generous, supportive partners in education! Thanks, teachers for all you do year round. I hate I had to miss seeing you. Thanks, everyone that helped serve!

    Nacho Average Teacher shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

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    Nacho Average Teacher V-neck T-shirt

    V-neck T-shirt

    Best Nacho Average Teacher shirt

    I want this Nacho Average Teacher shirt. Our final teacher appreciation luncheon is coming up on Wednesday, May 2nd! We are still in need of donations! Please check out the sign up to see how you can help. Thank you so much to all those who have donated throughout the year to help make our hospitality events a success for our wonderful staff! And if you are feeling extra generous maybe you can show your appreciation to the support staff and specials teachers as well!

    Our Partners in Education went above and beyond for teacher appreciation week! A “Nacho Average Teacher” nacho bar was delicately prepared with all the fixing! They thought of everything! They also donated fabulous door prizes to show their appreciation for our teachers! We loved the aroma of the nacho bar that filled the school, and we loved seeing our teachers enjoy it!

    Nacho Average Teacher shirt
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