Don't touch me peasant shirt

Don’t touch me peasant shirt

How about we tax the government for causing all the smoke? I need this Don’t touch me peasant shirt. They’re the ones who mismanaged the forests. Send the bill to all of the environmental groups. Let them get together and hash out who owes how much. The Forest Service and the BLM always had herds of cattle and sheep grazing the forests and charged the owners a modest fee.

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Then they got greedy and began raising the grazing fee to the point the cost was too great to continue. I need this Don’t touch me peasant shirt. The result is the undergrowth and grasses had no limit to their growth. Fires would stay on the forest floor if the grass and brush were eaten down. I tried to share this link also, in their endeavor to make the media more open and fair has blocked this from being able to share.

I was trying to share it from last Larson, but somehow it only shares the original posts! Bill someone for trees burning? Okay. Yes, let’s bill the government for mismanaging the forest. Lumber prices are at record high, yet national forests are left alone, even as Schools are struggling with budgets. Taxes from timber sales use to be injected into the school districts. They can’t fix it unless they manage it like a sustainable crop. Just like private timber companies do.

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