Ed Edd N Eddy Group shirt

Ed Edd N Eddy Group shirt

I need this Ed Edd N Eddy Group shirt. I was responding to a post focus sherry. With this unnecessary shooting, when are we going to check these people? Needs to be a mental competency evaluation before your allowed to open a Facebook account. The Democrats will not be happy until they have all your guns. Vote him out. Never waste an opportunity to push your agenda. We all know it won’t stop anything screws your gun control.

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It isn’t a start. Not one Democrat had proposed disarming anyone. As far as this guy, without the Ed Edd N Eddy Group shirt, he is a moron for saying anything. And you sir, have a nice day. Three people were just killed and he has to politicize it. Don’t here him speaking up everytime someone is murdered in Baltimore City. Have a great day. You said the circumstances are unknown but you’re providing a solution.

Dumbass you’re in heavily filled democratic state, with the most strict of gun laws in the nation. Your “concern” and “we need to do something” is long past its expiry date. It’s a proven fact that more and more laws do not stop crime. It’s illegal to murder yet it happens. Way to politicize a tragedy. Your time has come and gone. You’ve gotten rich off the backs of the poor you barely represented. Whatever you’re on cant be from Baltimore.

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