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Malibu Nights shirt

  • I know the feeling Malibu Nights shirt is really nice. So I drive through a wall of flames to go pick up my son one time in a terrible fire. In both sides of the highway no way to see the highway. Maybe it’s just me but the fact that she’s actually taking time out to record it while driving. Because it doesn’t appear to be anyone else in the car doesn’t seem that scared to me. Because I’d be focused on where I’m going not making sure. So I could capture footage. This is terrifying but when they evacuate it means leave now. She put herself in real danger and could have cost her her life or the life of a first responder trying to save her. Please let me have some good shots from my phone. Because I am that scared for my life that I would rather record this than call my loved ones. So incredibly sad to watch.

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    What’s happening in this once dream state, the Malibu Nights shirt. So the incompetence of politicians with their priority all screwed up. Stay safe. God bless you for helping all the animals. But please make sure you and your family are safe. This is so sad. It really brings tears to my eyes. This was preached about this morning, thank god for her and for keeping her through that fire and into safety. I am so sorry to see you like this! I drive on those same roads heading to the beach in Malibu, for sea and sand often. It’s very saddening to see our community go down in flames like this. We’ve been told to use less water and save as much as we can on ourselves, plants and surroundings.

    Malibu Nights shirt
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