The minneapolis miracle shirt

The minneapolis miracle shirt

Being a The minneapolis miracle shirt to taking a few DIGGS, but I’d say we just raised the bar! We’ve been down a lot of long RHODES, but I have a thielen this is our year! So grab a case of beer and lets watch our Vikes win the 2018 NFL superbowl! There were great athletes all over the field today for both teams. Diggs made an amazing play that will go into the history books.

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Offical The minneapolis miracle shirt

I’m still reveling in The minneapolis miracle shirt of the VIKING win! What have you done lately that was ‘impossible’? What was the compelling drive that allowed you to be open to receive your good? Congratulations for ‘not giving up’! This has to be the Vikings year after a play like that. Think Philly will be less dangerous with Foles than Saints with Brees. I say 23-17 Vikings in NFC championship. Not a Viking fan at all, still made me smile. They really deserve some luck.

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