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Roman reigns fight Leukemia shirt

  • I need this Roman reigns fight Leukemia shirt. Roman Reigns announces he will relinquish the Universal Championship to battle his returning leukemia. In Jesus name I declare that leukemia in your body dies. Joe aka Roman Reigns I speak life and health to your body now. I bless your immune system and I declare strength over you and your family. In Jesus name you are healed. Love you and thank you for being awesome.

    Roman reigns fight Leukemia shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

    Roman reigns fight Leukemia Sweater


    Roman reigns fight Leukemia V-neck t-shirt

    V-neck t-shirt

    Roman reigns fight Leukemia Hoodie


    Roman reigns fight Leukemia Ladies Tee

    Ladies Tee

    Best Roman reigns fight Leukemia shirt

    Personally, I’d thank the medical team working night and day to Roman reigns fight Leukemia shirt, maybe one of them is called Jesus I dunno, but maybe stop thanking celestial beings for something they are not doing (I mean technically if they are curing they are also giving it to people to which is kinda sick). You know God was the one who gave him leukemia, it seems a bit pointless asking him to cure it too, it comes across as rather fickle.

    Garry Fryer, God created life, not death. Why would Jesus heal the sick if he was the one infecting them? I don’t have to be God to believe he will heal someone. Why do you attack me for being for his health not against it? Plus when did I refer to myself as a god? Did I say I god heal you? If he wanted to win fans through sympathy this would have been made known a long time ago. My thoughts are with him and his family and I send prayers of health, strength, and courage.

    Roman reigns fight Leukemia shirt
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