Teach Peace shirt

Teach Peace shirt

Wouldn’t be possible here. Because we have Teach Peace shirt of all modernized countries. Our kids are literally being raised to be stupid while simultaneously being told how great they’re doing. Exactly how large corporations wanted it. Easier for political control without critical thinking from the population. That is one ignorant perspective. I’m Canadian and I had classmate and friends from all ethnic groups. I’m pretty sure other places like Australia also have multicultural students. This is not unique to the US and their success is direct evidence on the failure of the American educational system. You are wrong because you never see the kids I’m talking about. I’m a teacher and I know how the score is calculated.

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And the truth is not having a perspective, it’s fact! I’m talking about Teach Peace shirt. So I’m talking about kids that are non-verbal and have feeding tubes. We test those kids. We even test kids in the hospital that are dying of cancer. So we test kids with traumatic brain injuries and those numbers are counted in our scores. You are talking about diversity and I’m talking about kids with special needs. All kids no matter the disability get a free education in our country. And it costs us millions to do so! No country has a perfect system. I do think children spend way too much time indoors though. Running around outside and learning how gravity works are part of childhood. I fell over, down, and off of plenty of things when I was younger. And I alive with all my limbs still attached.

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