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Weed sunflower shirt

  • I’m so sorry you went through that Weed sunflower shirt. My son had a similar situation and refuses to ever go back to the hospital for treatment. I am his support system and it terrifies me as to what will happen if/when I’m no longer here. God bless you and anyone else with this awful illness. Looking for me thinking I was a high risk all because I went to a clinic and tried to actually seek someone to talk to about why I was depressed, got an uneasy feeling so when the lady walked out the room, I left on my motorcycle to go home but had to stop at the store first, and my friend calls me and asked where I was at and said dot go home all is at your apartment looking for you as if I had committed some crime. They surely don’t make it easy to seek help.  Evans oh my gosh, that makes me so so mad for him! How is the world this horrible? And just to think how many members of law enforcement and the judicial system?

    Weed sunflower shirt, hoodie, sweater and V-neck t-shirt

    Weed sunflower Hoodie


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    Weed sunflower V-neck t-shirt

    V-neck t-shirt

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    Best Weed sunflower shirt

    Had to literally not give two shits that this Weed sunflower shirt was happening to this man in order for all the sentencing to go through? I’m so sorry you had to go through such a traumatic experience. I committed to educating and sharing what depression means. And what it can do to a person. Blessings to you. I agree, I’m a mental health nurse and often my patients. When they will not agree or convincingly agree, committed and brought to the facility in cuffs. It’s really sad. But never let a road that is muddy, lead you away from help to a road that is paved and leads to nowhere. Once you reach your destination, the help starts. It’s a traumatic experience, but it’s also humbling. I’ve been on that drive.

    Weed sunflower shirt
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  1. Great T-shirt, great quality. The team improved my design by removing the white box around my image and I’m chuffed with the T that’s come out of it.

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