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Wine tasting in my sport shirt

  • I guess I should start carrying around a tire pump just in Wine tasting in my sport shirt. So I’ll just keep the cheap handy one I always carry in my purse. But either way. Or you can take a wooden spoon and push the cork in or just buy screw top wine bottles barefoot is my favorite. So make sure you use a good quality car key. A Toyota or a Honda key should do the trick. May want to stay away from a Chevy key, have had those bend inside of pockets. Oh and not a Lexus key since they are laser cut keys and don’t tend to have much grip. Please note the sarcasm in this entire comment. But I honestly wouldn’t have a clue when it comes to opening wine nor which type of car key to use. What the heck, I don’t even drink wine! Just please wear goggles if you do the bicycle pump one. That sucker is gonna rocket out of there and whip around!

    Wine tasting in my sport shirt, hoodie, sweater and V-neck t-shirt

    Wine tasting in my sport Hoodie


    Wine tasting in my sport Sweater


    Wine tasting in my sport V-neck t-shirt

    V-neck t-shirt

    Wine tasting in my sport Ladies tee

    Ladies tee

    Best Wine tasting in my sport shirt

    I remember you once using a Wine tasting in my sport shirt to open a bottle of wine. So I don’t know how but I know it was successful.  If you think I’m letting this be a “girls night” only thing, you are wrong. Long story short, sexualizing drinks is dumb. So I don’t care if a guy orders a Cosmo and I order an Old Fashioned. We’re both getting drunk. Some of these I’m like “Uhh substitute this juice for more wine instead”. I see a girls night with some of these recipes, post-Easter! So I wanna try it but all I’ve tasted was nasty shit. I want to get drunk off something that tastes like grape juice. And yes, I’m serious. Get a blender. So I intend to visit you and try some of these out. As a bartender, I recommend getting a cheap bottle of that if you don’t care for the taste of alcohol.

    Wine tasting in my sport shirt
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